FloodMap Desktop  

FloodMap™ Desktop (FMD) is our premier FEMA flood hazard mapping system that operates as an ESRI ArcGIS software extension and requires no 3rd party add-ons for cartographic labeling or data processing.  No Internet is needed either because FloodMap™ Desktop is a desktop application which does not require terminal services (e.g. Citrix), Internet, firewall configuration, passwords, or any other hindrance for you to work the way you want to work.

FMD will operate on a personal geodatabase, a file geodatabase, or an enterprise database to give you the flexibility you need.  Automated data processing tools are included to avoid time-consuming manual data entry.  Quality Control tools are embedded to give you the best opportunity to clear FEMA’s rigorous quality reviews.  Metadata files are output from your data in compliance with FGDC and FEMA standards.  Even flood hazard profiles can be created without the need to purchase costly CAD software licenses. 







Professional Version

 FMD Professional advances automated data processing and produces higher quality deliverables while reducing project completion time.  FloodMap Desktop is a full-featured ESRI ArcGIS extension for the professional FEMA flood hazard mapping professional providing you with a full range of tools for every part of a FEMA project.  (full feature list)


·         Automated BFE placement



·         Flood hazard profile creation and RASPLOT import/export



·         Advanced cartographic Label Engine with no 3rd party add-on



·         ESRI ArcSDE support



·         Flood Hazard Boundary Standards (FBS)



·         Database quality control, agreement tables, and DVT compliance



·         GIS topology rules and NFHL compliance



·         HEC-RAS model import and georeferencing



·         Batch exporting and auto-georeferencing image files



·         LOMR mapping from a DFIRM Database



·         Import DFIRM Tools Projects



·         Discovery Map Production and Database population



·         Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Report creation for RiskMAP DFIRM projects



·         Flood Risk Map and Database




Each of the FloodMap™ Desktop Professional functions provides significant automation and processing advantage for the user.  See the download page to download FMD Standard which includes a 30-day trial of FMD Professional.




Please contact us for purchase and license upgrade information.



*  FMD Professional is offered as a per-seat license or a concurrent use license.  No restriction on use, no monthly fee, no maintenance fee, no access charges, no setup charges and no fees for third-party add-ons (because we don’t use any third-party add-ons).  FMD Professional users will also receive access to FMD’s on-line Help Desk.  If the forum, FAQ, wiki, help files, screencasts, and other resources don’t answer your question, our Help Desk will.  The FMD Team will quickly respond to your issue and resolve it.





Standard Version




The FMD Standard version is a free ESRI® ArcGIS® extension for FEMA’s mapping partners that will comply with FEMA’s specifications for flood hazard products and the Mapping Information System (MIP).  The database templates for the DCS database as well as the DFIRM Database are included with Standard.  Also included are map and label symbols and processes for map labeling.  For Map Modernization projects, the user will also be able to control the final map layout options in dozens of custom configurations through the Project Settings dialog so customizations to FEMA Regions, States, and CTPs can be created. RiskMAP DFIRM projects are based on map templates, which provide the user with more options for customization.



FMD Standard contains many data creation tools as well.  The panel creation tool helps users create the FEMA map layouts for an entire county with a few mouse clicks while additional tools will automatically create the precise features (tics, graticules, panel corner coordinates) and grid data (s_base_index and s_quad_index).  Other tools allow the user to import community data into the FMD database. 



FMD Standard is free.  Go to our Downloads section, give us some contact information, and download with no obligation to purchase.  Included in the download is a 30-day license of FMD Professional so that you can evaluate the full Flood Map Desktop™ experience.





Training is offered via webinar and in-person.  Fees vary by course delivery-type and length.  Contact us for further details or to set up a tailored course for your organization with your data.  We frequently attend flood hazard and GIS conferences across the country where we either present FMD information or are available to answer your questions.  See the Events page for more details.




FloodMap™ Services

Atkins has provided flood hazard mapping, engineering, and technology solutions for many years and we are available to assist your organization meet their short and long term goals.  We are an authorized ESRI Business Partner and can personalize a solution to fit your specific needs.





Visit the Atkins website at or contact us to schedule consultation.





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